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Updated On: Monday, 22 July 2019

Germany's Merkel Insists She Feels Well After 3rd Public Trembling Spell

Content by: Voice of America

German Chancellor Angela Merkel insists she is feeling well despite experiencing another trembling spell in public.

Merkel began shaking at a reception Wednesday for Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne outside

the chancellery in Berlin, her third such incident in less than one month.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared unsteady and shaking on Wednesday, July 10, during an official welcoming ceremony for the visiting prime minister of Finland, Antii Rinne.https://t.co/p1hzn9fKqIpic.twitter.com/iVN22UdcdV

— The Voice of America (@VOANews) July 10, 2019

She told reporters at a news conference about one hour later she felt "very well" and that there was "no need to worry."

Merkel suggested that the psychological impact of the first incident at a June 18 ceremony alongside Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was responsible for subsequent episodes.

"I will have to live with it for a while now," said Merkel, who experienced her second public episode on June 27 at the German president's palace at the swearing-in of a new justice minister.

The health of public figures in Germany is generally regarded as private due to strict privacy laws.

It is not known if Merkel has any health problems but the leader of Europe's largest economy has enjoyed relatively robust health over the years.

Merkel, who turns 65 next week, is regarded by many as the most powerful woman in the world. She has said she will leave politics at the end of her term in 2021.


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