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Updated On: Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Area of Focus

Area of Focus

Our focus is on the global South: Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. But we also go beyond regional coverage by reporting on major themes and topics that impact all areas of the world, such as poverty, inequality, good governance, climate change, technology, culture, and human security and other world issues. 

We work within the four pillars of global development: The United Nations, governments, private sector, and civil society.

The United Nations:

* Secretary-General
* General Assembly
* Economic and Social Council
* Security Council
* Specialized agencies, programs, and funds

Specialized Development Agencies of the UN:

* Specialized Agencies
* UN Programs and Funds
* Functional and Regional Commissions


* National, regional, and local governments and authorities
* World leaders

Intergovernmental Organizations:

* International Development Banks
* Public-Private Organizations
* Global Treaties and Chartered Institutions

Private Sector:

* Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
* Global businesses
* Private sector partnerships
* Corporate Social Responsibility

Civil Society:

* Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
* Civil society organizations
* Charities and foundations
* Citizens, local leaders, and community groups
* Indigenous peoples


 Poverty, inequality, good governance, climate change, food security, technology, culture, entertainment, rule of law and human security, international migration, youth issues, social justice, economic growth, public-private partnerships, human rights, water, sanitation, women, children, health, and many more.

Each pillar is comprised of actors big and small with many different areas of focus and expertise. However, the synergy between them, their cooperation, and their commitment to sustainable development must be highlighted in a special way to elevate their voices onto a global stage.

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