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Updated On: Thursday, 23 May 2019
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Opinion: International development has a race problem

Content by: Devex Calling out racism — or the racial power dynamics of aid workers in low- and middle-income countries — as a systemic problem of international development has remained a topic that has not honestly been embraced in polite company.

Opinion: What works in trachoma elimination programs

Content by: Devex Huge progress has been made in the past five years toward eliminating trachoma, one of the world’s oldest diseases. Understanding how we’ve advanced so quickly and ensuring this momentum continues can only be achieved if we assess ...

The green shoots of a new aid industry

Content by: Devex WASHINGTON — Working at the World Bank’s office in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2011, Sachin Gathani did something uncommon. He quit. The research firm this East African and his co-founder Dimitri Stoelinga, a Greek-Dutchman who grew up in ...

Q&A: The challenge of technology and human rights

Content by: Devex MELBOURNE, Australia — Technology is an important tool to reach those in need and deliver solutions at scale to support global development challenges. But this technology comes with unintended consequences, such as human rights ...


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