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Updated On: Thursday, August 17 2017

Sustrana Tackles Shifting Business Landscape with "Six Steps for Creating Business Value through Sustainability”

Content by: CSR Wire

Increased complexities, like climate change and demand for transparency, are challenging the viability of traditional business models. In its latest white paper,Sustranaoffers six steps to successfully navigate this changing landscape through sustainability programs.

“Six Steps for Creating Business Value through Sustainability” is available nowhere.

The paper addresses how to manage ESG risks and opportunities, engaging stakeholders and planning for action that will yield better results, quickly and with less expense.

“This white paper helps people understand that thereisa concrete path and process for making sustainability valuable to a company,” said Jennifer Anderson,SustranaCOO. “It’s not rocket science, but it takes discipline. You have to think strategically to get the most value out ofeffortyou put in. If you don’t, you will struggle to make progress.”

Sustrana, a pioneer in the sustainability management solution space, is no stranger to advocating for increased sustainability initiatives. Through its unique onlineplatformthe company is working toward enabling 1,000 organizations to build strategic sustainability programsby 2020.

Sustrana’ssoftware provides companies with a faster, more affordable way to benefit from sustainability efforts. Easy-to-use tools help sustainability teams prioritize work based on value, convince decision-makers to provide needed resources, and actively manage the work of dispersed teams to get exceptional results. The Devon, Pa women-owned B Corp was co-founded by Nancy Cleveland, CEO, and Jennifer Anderson, COO, to accelerate progress and time to value for companies working on sustainability issues.www.sustrana.com


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