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Updated On: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
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Opinion: The US must continue to support Africa's advances in health

Content by: Devex A child born today in Kenya, Senegal, or Uganda is far more likely than ever before to live a healthy, full, and productive life. There has been an extraordinary increase in life expectancy of 20% to 32% in these countries since ...

Opinion: We need to empower a generation of Gretas before it's too late

Content by: Devex Our climate is already changing. Almost 60 million people are displaced by climate-related disasters each year, 80% of whom are women and girls. Girls are more likely to go hungry and are more vulnerable to violence, sexual ...

To close gap in unpaid care work, a new call to action asks men to do more

Content by: Devex VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Against a backdrop of lagging progress on equalizing unpaid care work, Brazilian-based NGO Promundo is asking men to do more — 50 minutes more, to be exact.

WHA wraps up, Global Financing Facility reshuffles, and harassment concerns...

Content by: Devex Negotiators spar at the World Health Assembly, the Global Financing Facility eyes a new leadership structure, and harassment allegations continue to ripple throughout the development community. This week in development: The global ...


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