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Updated On: Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Voice of America - VOA
Voice of America - VOA


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Voice of America - VOA

The Voice of America (VOA), a dynamic multimedia broadcaster funded by the U.S. Government, broadcasts accurate, balanced, and comprehensive news and information to an international audience.




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Regional & Global Development News

AP Interview: Brazil's Temer Denies Graft, Defends Legacy

Content by: Voice of America NEW YORK — Brazilian President Michel Temer said Monday that corruption charges against him were the result of his ...

Venezuelan Official to Crash UN Meeting on Migrant Crisis

Content by: Voice of America UNITED NATIONS — Venezuela's foreign minister said Monday that he is ready to crash a meeting at the United Nations ...

Nicaragua Issues Arrest Warrant for Opposition Leader

Content by: Voice of America MANAGUA — A Managua judge issued an arrest warrant on Monday for opposition leader Felix Maradiaga, accused by the ...

Poll: Optimism About the Future Greater in Youths from Lower-Income Countries

Content by: Voice of America Out of 15 countries polled, young people in China, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Mexico were found ...


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