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Updated On: Monday, 16 September 2019

UNDP Updates Mdg Progress Report, With Room For Improvement Across Regions

Photo: UN Photo/Sandesh Timilsina

Content by: South-South News

11 April 2013, New York USA | Connor Schratz - With less than 1000 days to go until the deadline for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals – the biggest global development campaign in history – expires, the United Nations Development Programme has updated their regional reports on the MDG progress per region.

The reports show that each region has their own strength and weaknesses, making significant progress in some areas - while being wholly insufficient in others

According to UNDP, the lack of job growth on the African continent, despite a significant surge in the economy, is holding back progress on many other development goals. “Reducing poverty is not only and end it itself, it is also a means to accelerate progress of the rest of the MDG’s,” the UNDP regional report of Africa reads. “The slow pace of poverty reduction has been linked to inadequate and inconsistent growth, high population growth, low growth elasticity of poverty and persistently high levels of gender and geographical inequalities.”

Where new jobs are being created, they are often distributed unequally, raising concerns about a lack of gender empowerment and youth unemployment.

But there is also good news. Countries on the African continent show considerable progress in the enrollment of children in primary school. Enrollment rates in countries like Mozambique, Ethiopia, Burundi and Tanzania have more than doubled, and 18 countries are less than 10 percentage points away from reaching the MDG target in 2015.

The Asia-Pacific region has achieved some key MDG’s, like reducing HIV and tuberculosis prevalence and promoting gender equality in education, ahead of the 2015 deadline. They also scored high on environmental issues, like increasing the forest cover and a sharp reduction in the consumption of ozone-depleting materials. Big gains in poverty reduction were seen as well, but poverty-related issues remain a concern. Infant mortality, as well as the numbers of mothers dying in childbirth, remain high.

Although Latin America and the Caribbean suffered tremendously during the Global economic crisis, they still managed to made great steps towards achieving most of the MDG’s before the deadline.

If Latin American economy continues to grow at the rate it currently does, the goal of ending extreme poverty on the continent could be achieved. Gender disparity has also shown progress, but only in economic sense; when it comes to health and wellbeing, women continue to struggle to get their equal share. The same goes for the gap between rural and equal communities. The gap is closing, but progress is slow.

The UN Development Programme frequently updates progress report on the Millennium Development Goals; especially since the deadline for achieving them is getting closer.

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon will seize the ‘momentum of the MDG’s’ with a call to action at the United Nations headquarters on Friday, April 12th

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