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Updated On: Tuesday, 20 August 2019

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1 Back women’s movements for a real chance at equality
( SciDev News )
A new language of ‘transformation’ has emerged. The next step is to go beyond rhetoric, says Henrietta Miers.

The development sector’s focus on gender has moved away from the paradigms of the past — now believed to be too t...
Created on 2017-01-30 13:00:00
2 Centre for Social Protection newsletter 35
( Institute of Development Studies )

Welcome to the thirty fifth issue of the Centre for Social Protection Newsletter. The CSP is a global network of academics, policy-makers, NGOs and others who are working together to mainstream social protection in development policy an...

Created on 2016-08-01 15:27:04
3 Communique: ITU Council guides implementation of strategic plan
( ITU Press Releases )


Budget approved for 2016-2017 biennium

Geneva, 21 May 2015 – ITU’s governing Council concluded its 2015 session ahead of schedule after agreeing on the implementation of the strategic plan and activities of the Union f...

Created on 2015-05-21 18:02:15
4 Communique: ITU Council looks ahead to implementation of strategic plan as Membership marks 150 years of excellence
( ITU Press Releases )

Wonki Min of Republic of Korea steers ITU Council 2015 as Chairman

Geneva, 12 May 2015 – ITU’s governing Council opened its annual session this morning under the Chairmanship of Mr Wonki Min of the Republic of Korea.

Created on 2015-05-12 12:51:31
5 Communique: ITU Radiocommunication Seminar supports Space and Terrestrial services development in Asia-Pacific
( ITU Press Releases )

Manila Forum examines challenges ahead for space and terrestrial services

Geneva, 29 May 2015 – The Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2015 and Workshop on Satellite Coordination for Asia-Pacific (RRS-15 Asia-Pacific) concluded today ...

Created on 2015-05-29 14:00:00
6 Communique: ITU Radiocommunication seminar supports space and terrestrial services development in the Americas
( ITU Press Releases )


San Salvador Forum examines future challenges and opportunities

Geneva, 31 July 2015 – The Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2015 for the Americas Region (RRS-15 Americas) concluded today in San Salvador, El Salvador.<...

Created on 2015-07-31 23:00:00
7 Communique: ITU’s 150th anniversary celebrations in full swing
( ITU Press Releases )

ITU150 poster competition: deadline 1 May

Geneva, 15 April 2015 – This year ITU celebrates 150 years of excellence in connecting the world to the benefits of telecommunications and information and communication technologies.

Created on 2015-04-15 14:02:38
8 Communique: Terrestrial and space services addressed at Niamey Radiocommunication seminar
( ITU Press Releases )

Focus on future spectrum management in Africa region

Geneva, 27 April 2015 – The Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2015 for Africa closed today in Niamey, Niger. The seminar was organized by ITU and the African Telecommunication Unio...

Created on 2015-04-27 13:00:22
9 Development of ICT means freedom for SIDS
( UN Main Bodies )

Content by: South-South News

14 November 2014, New York, USA | Shari Nijman - The United Nations today explored the possibilities of reinvigorating the development of E-government facilities with...

Created on 2014-11-14 23:15:14
10 Drawing lessons for development and security from the ‘Mano River War’
( Institute of Development Studies )

For the past 25 years the Mano River Basin in West Africa has been an area of violent upheavals and political instability. A Created on 2016-04-26 15:22:41

11 Engaging, Learning and Transforming since 1966 – IDS turns 50
( Institute of Development Studies )

Fifty years on from its founding as a ‘special institution’ and Britain's first national institute of development studies, IDS marks its official birthday of 20 April by launching an Created on 2016-04-26 16:22:43

12 Exploring the state, market and society triad for a new development era
( Institute of Development Studies )

The IDS 50th anniversary conference ‘States, Markets and Society’ brought together over 200 academics, donors, polic...

Created on 2016-08-01 15:27:02
13 Focus on Poverty: Coffee farmers on climate front line
( SciDev News )
There is a coffee crisis brewing, SciDev.Net recently reported in a story about the effects of climate change on the crop, primarily the highly prized Arabica coffee beans. A major study modelled 21 scenarios of climate change up to 2050 on a band of 60 tropica...
Created on 2015-05-14 13:04:06
14 IAEA Hosts Event on Particle Radiotherapy for Improved Cancer Treatment
( IAEA News )

IAEA Hosts Event on Particle Radiotherapy for Improved Cancer Treatment

IAEA General Conference

As cancer is one of the le...

Created on 2014-10-01 15:31:59
15 IDS welcomes its largest intake of Development Studies students
( Institute of Development Studies )

This September, IDS will welcome our biggest intake ever of students from over forty countries to study one of our seven Masters (MA) courses in international development....

Created on 2016-09-20 16:11:07
16 Investing in Youth: IAEA, International Youth Nuclear Congress Sign Agreement
( IAEA News )

Content by: International Atomic Energy Agency

To motivate young people to study and opt for careers in nuclear science and technology, the IAEA and the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) have agreed to strengthen their collaboration. An  agreement, signed on 28 February, calls for joint work in various outreach initiatives related to ...

Created on 2018-03-13 16:45:00
17 Legal Issues and Their Impact on Nuclear Energy Development
( IAEA News )

Senior nuclear law specialists from the IAEA recently participated in a leading international conference that provided an opportunity to address a number of legal issues raised in the context of the current political a...

Created on 2015-03-23 14:18:02
18 Matters of the Earth
( Institute of Development Studies )

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) has provided the following statement in response to recent UK media coverage that has named Matters of the Earth and IDS alumni Natalie Jeffers in relation to DFID funded IDS project ac...

Created on 2016-09-20 16:11:10
19 Media Advisory: Gabon to host world-leading symposium for global ICT regulatory community
( ITU Press Releases )




Created on 2015-04-20 15:03:13

20 Media Advisory: ITU celebrates 150th anniversary on 17 May
( ITU Press Releases )


Action-packed programme features history and future outlook for ICTs


Geneva, 7 May 2015...

Created on 2015-05-07 12:10:50


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