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Updated On: Sunday, 15 September 2019

World News

Category : World News

News from Around the Globe

The following videos are sourced from the public YouTube pages of the world's major news agencies and media outlets which provide breaking news, daily coverage of global events, and other news stories. The choice of sources is intended to provide a concise variety of the world's major news agencies based in various parts of the globe that produce videos provided on YouTube and other public video sites. 

The videos are intended to supplement South-South News' coverage of development by adding important updates and stories about events and situations around the world that impact global politics, economics and society.

*Disclaimer: These videos are sourced directly from each news agency's public YouTube page. South-South News does not own the rights to these videos, nor do we necessarily share the views or perspectives within them. South-South News is not affiliated in any way with these agencies. Video scrollers are listed alphabetically. For information on these news agencies, please visit their websites directly.


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