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Updated On: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
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UN suspending handover of camps in Darfur, peacekeeping chief tells Security Council

Content by: UN News Centre Briefing the Security Council on Friday, UN Peacekeeping chief, Jean Pierre Lacroix, said that the bloody 3 June military crackdown in the capital Khartoum, had highlighted the central role of the Darfur-linked Rapid ...

Sudan: top UN official demands cessation of violence and rape against civilians by security forces

Content by: UN News Centre According to her Office, despite restrictions on communications in Sudan, reports of serious human rights violations have emerged since the beginning of the month. These include reported rapes and gang rapes of ...

Sexual abuse of elderly likely to ‘grow dramatically’, UN expert says

Content by: UN News Centre “The sexual abuse and rape of older persons is a subject rarely discussed, but nevertheless is a reality,” said Ms. Kornfeld-Matte, in a statement issued on Thursday, calling on everyone to “be more attentive and report ...

Recognize, celebrate and ‘stand in solidarity’ with persons with albinism

Content by: UN News Centre Each 13 June, the world is reminded that people with albinism deserve to have their rights to life and security protected. Persons with albinism routinely face ongoing hurdles and challenges to their human rights, ranging ...


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