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Updated On: Wednesday, August 23 2017
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Conference to Negotiate Legally Binding Instrument Banning Nuclear Weapons Adopts Treaty by 122 Votes in Favour, 1 against, 1 Abstention

Content by: UN General Assembly

Note:  A complete summary of today's Conference on Nuclear Weapons meeting will be available after its conclusion.


ELAYNE WHYTE GÓMEZ (Costa Rica), Conference President, said that delegations would be leaving today with the satisfaction of having carried out their duty.

  The Conference would adopt a text that enjoyed legitimacy and reflected agreement between those holding different positions.  The text left the door open to nuclear-weapon States, as well as those with control over such weapons to sign up to the treaty, she emphasized.  With the Conference only a few moments from telling those impacted by nuclear weapons that the first seeds of a world free of them had been sown after so many decades, she said, it was, in the same vein, a few moments from saying that it was indeed possible for future generations to inherit a world free of nuclear weapons.

The representative of the Netherlands said her delegation could not accept the text, adding that it wished to lodge a formal objection to its adoption and request a formal recorded vote.

The President said that, in accordance with Conference rules of procedure, the text’s adoption would require a majority of two thirds of the States present and voting.

The Conference then adopted the text by a recorded vote of 122 in favour to 1 against (Netherlands), with 1 abstention (Singapore).



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