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Updated On: Monday, 17 June 2019

CLIMATE CHANGE FOCUS: Profiting from urban waste in Viet Nam

Content by: UN News Centre

UNDP Viet Nam In Hoi An in Viet Nam, biodegradable waste is composted at the household level and then used by local farmers for sustainable agriculture. (April 2017) UNDP Viet Nam

Hoi An, a city of 120,000, has become a significant tourist destination with around 21 million visitors in 2016. Those tourists are producing around 75 tonnes of solid waste every single day - waste which a group of underprivileged women is turning into a profit.

Plastic and metals are collected and sold to recycling facilities while biodegradable matter is composted and then passed on to local farmers. The authorities dispose of any waste which can’t be recycled.

Read more here, about the women of Hoi An and their contribution towards creating employment, reducing waste and creating a more livable and sustainable city.


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