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Updated On: Thursday, March 23 2017
Development Issues
A Long Way to Go on Climate Change Adaptation ( Thursday, March 23 2017 13:41 )
Fountains of Knowledge ( Thursday, March 23 2017 12:33 )
Menstrual Hygiene Project Keeps Girls in School ( Thursday, March 23 2017 10:19 )

United Nations Coverage by South-South News

Category : United Nations Coverage by South-South News

UN Coverage by South-South News

South-South News brings daily coverage of major proceedings happening in the United Nations Headquarters and its many agencies, programs and funds. On-location reporting allows unfettered access to the key players and major debates that are shaping sustainable development policy worldwide.

In addition to high-level events and major political developments which already receive substantial media coverage, South-South News also covers many side events. Frequently underreported, these side events are of major importance in global development policy-making, as they often cover specific subjects and priorities that can be ignored in other venues.

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