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Updated On: Sunday, 20 May 2018
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Indigenous Peoples Recover Native Languages in Mexico

Content by: Inter Press Service May 18 2018 (IPS) - Ángel Santiago is a Mexican teenager who speaks one of the variations of the Zapotec language that exists in the state of Oaxaca, in the southwest of Mexico.

Will Climate Change Cause More Migrants than Wars?

Content by: Inter Press Service BUENOS AIRES, May 17 2018 (IPS) - Climate change is one of the main drivers of migration and will be increasingly so. It will even have a more significant role in the displacement of people than armed ...

20 Water-Stressed Countries Have Most Solar & Wind Potential

Content by: Inter Press Service Tianyi Luo is a senior manager with the Aqueduct Project at the Global Water Program at World Resources Institute. WASHINGTON DC, May 11 2018 (IPS) - Most power generation consumes water, whether to cool steam in ...


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