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Updated On: Monday, 17 December 2018
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CABEI allocates US $31 million to preserve the National Theater of Costa Rica

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San José, February 20, 2018.- In order to support the project "Integral Program for the Security and Conservation of the Historical National Theater of Costa Rica," the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) will grant the government of Costa Rica a financing of US $31.33 billion.

CABEI's funding will allow for the development of a plan that consists of investments for an active and passive fire protection system, the renewal of the electrical system for greater security and modernization of the stage box, including the mechanization of the stage, sound aspects, lighting, and installation aspects for an acoustic shell, in addition to providing independence to the administrative offices and warehouses, thereby excluding them from the Theater's main building.

The National Theater of Costa Rica is the quintessential national historical monument that must be preserved for future generations. Due to its cultural activity, its social participation and its architectural characteristics, this important heritage building is a bulwark for the Costa Rican population. On February 5, the Legislative Assembly of Cosa Rica declared it a Historical Architectural Heritage and Cultural Freedom site.

With the implementation of this program, CABEI hopes to contribute with the strengthening of the nation's cultural sector, collaborating with Costa Rica to preserve one of its most important spaces of exchange and cultural experience.

The "Integral Program for the Security and Conservation of the Historical National Theater of Costa Rica" is an initiative that is part of the Human Development and Social Infrastructure focus area of the Social Development Axis of CABEI's 2015-2019 Institutional Strategy, called "Integrating Development and Sustainable Competitiveness."

CABEI recognizes the need to support its member countries in relevant areas that promote the human and social development of the population.

Through this financing, CABEI will be supporting the work carried out by the authorities of the Ministry of Culture and the National Theater, aimed at securing the investment required in the short term to improve the conditions of Costa Rica's important architectural and historical gem.


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