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Updated On: Saturday, 23 February 2019

Press Release 06/28/16: South-South News Impartiality

The Independence and Impartiality of South-South News

A major international news service reported on Tuesday, June 28, that allegations have been leveled at South-South News, accusing us of being a conduit for bribes from Chinese government officials and that Chinese officials were involved in developing South-South News.

South-South News unequivocally rejects both allegations. The Chinese government was not involved in developing or running South-South News. We have no connection with the Chinese government or any other government at any level.

The News and Operations departments have never received direct or indirect instructions from any government or government official in performing and achieving the company’s objectives. Click here to read more about the companies objectives http://www.southsouthnews.com/about-us

Furthermore, and as stated in previous press releases, the private dealings and misused of his title and responsibilities by the former president of South-South News were his own dealings and not a part of company policy. Click here to view or previous press releases http://www.southsouthnews.com/press-releases

We continue to operate according to our mandate and objectives as stated on our portal without the interference or involvement of any government or government official of any country.

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