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Updated On: Saturday, 23 February 2019

Press Release 6/10/15: Employee Reactions to Recent News

The South-South News staff is disappointed and shocked to learn about these allegations. If they ultimately prove true, it will be a serious blow to our mission, what we believe as staff members, and what we work for every day.

Francis Lorenzo’s private dealings do not represent the interests or actions of our work as employees. Our team has had no knowledge or prior awareness of these dealings.

Since 2010, our team’s mission has been to report on global development news from the United Nations, governments, the private sector and civil society in an open and transparent way. Our media coverage has won praise by our readers, our colleagues in the press, and officials in the global development community due to our tireless work presenting news about the stakeholders and key debates in the development process.

Had knowledge of Lorenzo’s alleged activities been made aware to us, we would have strongly objected and refused to comply where relevant. It is therefore upsetting to us that our hard work could be associated with the allegations against Lorenzo.

Unfortunately, the future of the company is not in our hands, and is subject to decisions by other managers beyond our control.

We maintain a strong and passionate belief in our mission, the work we have done, and the need for news coverage of development. We do not, however, claim knowledge of or support to the private activities of the individuals being charged.

The South-South News Staff
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