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Updated On: Saturday, 23 February 2019

An Open Letter to the UN News Media

An Open Letter to the UN News Media - 18 April 2016

Dear Media Colleagues:

We are writing this open letter to address the allegations leveled at South-South News in light of recent legal proceedings.

As you are aware, South-South News has provided some of the most objective and comprehensive coverage of the UN System over the past six years. South-South News is still functioning normally to focus upon development issues that affect billions of people worldwide.

  As we expressed in a Press Release on 6 October 2015:

"The South-South News staff is disappointed and shocked to learn about these allegations. If they ultimately prove true, it will be a serious blow to our mission, what we believe as staff members, and what we work for every day. Francis Lorenzo’s private dealings do not represent the interests or actions of our work as employees. Our team has had no knowledge or prior awareness of these dealings."

>> Read More - Press Release  http://www.southsouthnews.com/press-releases<<

We were notified by Mr. Lorenzo’s personal legal representative on 18 February 2016 that Mr. Lorenzo had resigned from the organization.

>> Read More - Press Release http://www.southsouthnews.com/press-releases<<

These were irresponsible and illegal actions on the part of the former president of South-South News, and we respect his decision to plead guilty, meaning that he is assuming full responsibility for his misuse of his various titles and responsibilities.

Based on issues raised by this case we would like to clarify that:

It is disgraceful that a few independent journalists are exhibiting a lack of professionalism and irresponsibility by attacking everything and anyone they believe is linked to this case. This is often done by insinuation, guilt by association and baseless assumptions that disparage many innocent people and organizations. Irresponsible assumptions, fact-twisting and misinformation serve to distort the perception of the situation, while affecting our hard work and the work of many innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with this case.

These types of attacks are counterproductive and unprofessional. We believe these attacks reflect poorly on the integrity of the profession of journalism as a whole. Not to justify any illegal activities, but all sorts of organizations worldwide have been victims of unscrupulous people, as have other organizations facing similar circumstances.

We as employees will defend our hard and honest work and we will defend the commitment to our goals and objectives of producing quality journalism to inform about these important issues. This hard-earned reputation has been tainted by some unscrupulous acts. Many media and administrative professionals have proudly worked for South-South News and can attest to the integrity of our media operation.

This is a complex case in which many players from different organizations and events have been implicated, as detailed in the Government’s complaint. It is working its way through the United States judiciary system, as it well should. If you have questions regarding the people mentioned in the US Government complaint, you should contact their legal representatives directly.

Again, South-South News is continuing its professional day-to-day functions by providing some of the most comprehensive, high-quality coverage of the UN and disseminating information on global development issues. If you have any questions, regarding our operation history, present goals and objectives, please contact us by following this link. http://www.southsouthnews.com/contact-us

To download this PDF letter click here: https://www.sendspace.com/folder/e36qn7

The South-South News Management & Staff
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