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Updated On: Saturday, 23 February 2019

Press Release 06/09/16: Former Consultants

In light of a fresh round of baseless insinuations, South-South News once again states unequivocally that it has had no connection to the former president of South-South News, Mr. Francis Lorenzo, since his resignation. Click here for details.

We clarify that we have no knowledge of, participation in, or association with any of the current activities of the former president of South-South News as stated in the report by Inner City Press and implied today at the UN Daily Press Briefing. In addition, we have no connections with any of the former freelancers or consultants who worked under his direct supervision. After Mr. Lorenzo resigned, these individuals stopped working from our office since they had no official role at South-South News but rather worked on Mr. Lorenzo’s personal projects.

Furthermore, South-South News has never had a relationship with the Global Sustainability Foundation (unless Mr. Lorenzo had unauthorized dealings that were unknown to South-South News).

Any implications to the contrary are flat-out wrong. Critical, factual, and in-depth reporting are essential. Fact-twisting, misinformation and guilt-by-photo-op are not, as we stated on April 18, 2016 in our Open Letter to the UN News Media .

To see our Fraud Alert page Click Here: http://www.southsouthnews.com/fraud-alert

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