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Updated On: Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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Preventing and resolving conflicts must form ‘backbone’ of collective efforts – UN chief

Content by: News Centre “Low intensity conflicts have increased by 60 per cent in the last ten years,” Mr. Guterres told the Council, which was considering how nations and small international bodies below the regional level, can work better with ...

Western Sahara: a 'peaceful solution’ to conflict is possible, says UN envoy

Content by: News Centre Speaking to journalists after two days of roundtable discussions in the Swiss city, Mr Köhler said the meeting was a “first - but important – step” towards a renewed political process on the future of the disputed territory.

Yemen war: UN chief urges good faith as ‘milestone’ talks get underway in Sweden

Content by: UN News Centre Special Envoy Martin Griffiths, the senior UN official facilitating the talks, said that the resumption of the political process, after two-and-a-half years, is an “important milestone” and the presence of the two ...

Yemen war: UN-backed talks to silence the guns due to begin in Stockholm

Content by: UN News Centre According to a tweet early on Wednesday from the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, the “restart of the intra-Yemeni political process” is scheduled to begin in the Swedish capital, Stockholm ...


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