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Updated On: Saturday, 26 May 2018

US Ambassador talks at Security Council Stakeout

Content by: South-South News

28 August 2017, New York, USA | South-South News — United States ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) was “not doing its job effectively” describing its commander’s position on Hizbollah’s arms in the south as “an embarrassing lack of understanding on what is going on around him.”

Speaking to reporters in New York today (25 Aug), Haley said UNIFIL is supposed to work with the Lebanese armed forces to stop and report on violations to Resolution 1701, but her delegation has not seen a single instance to support that the mission was doing so. She said General Michael Baery “seems to be the only person in South Lebanon who is blind to what Hizbollah is doing.”

Haley stressed that her Government was not looking to change the mission’s mandate, rather it was “looking to include language that clearly directs UNIFIL to do what it should have been doing for years.” She noted that members of the Council who object to this “need to explain why they are prepared to give terrorists a free hand to arm themselves and destabilize the region.” Haley said it is “time the Security Council puts teeth in the UNIFIL operation.” She said despite the absence of war in South Lebanon since 2006, the “massive flow of illegal weapons to Hizbollah” is not a prevention of war, it is “preparation of war.”

Asked about the executive order signed today in Washington on Venezuelan sanctions, Haley said the order is a “strong message” for the people of Venezuela and President Maduro. She said the US is “not going to tolerate the dictatorship he is trying to create, and we’re not going to respect the sham Assembly.” She said as the US was seeing “more of the power grab that Maduro is trying to do”, the sanctions were “another option to send him a message.”

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