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Updated On: Monday, 24 September 2018

Louise Arbour on Migration

Content by: South-South News

22 February 2018, New York, USA | South-South News — The UN Special Representative for International Migration, Louise Arbour, said on February 21 that “it is only with facts and context that we can have a respectful and realistic discussion about migration.”

Speaking at the Fourth Informal Multi-stakeholder Hearing on "Facts instead of perceptions: Promoting an evidence-based discussion on migration", Arbour told delegates that facts and context can push back on “the many inaccurate and negative narratives being touted for short-term political gain and misguiding policies.”

Arbour said, “Migration is about people’s lives, and it is a complex, life changing experience for generations, for migrants and for host communities. Properly understood and conveyed, their stories are nuanced and deeply personal," adding that “community engagement is the best way to prevent xenophobia and fault narratives about the impact of migrants.”

On women migrant workers, Arbour said, “48 per cent of migrants are women, 64 per cent of female migrant work compare to 51 per cent of women worldwide.” She added, “Women sent home a higher percentage of their earnings as remittances than men, even though they often work in underemployed and lower-paid environment.”


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