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Updated On: Wednesday, 22 August 2018
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New GA President-Elect

Content by: South-South News

7 June 2018, New York, USA | South-South News — The UN General Assembly elected Ecuadorean Foreign Minister María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés on June 5 to preside its upcoming session. She is the first woman from Latin America and the Caribbean and only the fourth woman to hold that position in the history of the world body.

Addressing the Assembly, Fernanda Espinosa said, “I would like to dedicate this election for all the women in the world who participate in politics today, and who face political and media attacks marked by machismo and discrimination.”

She becomes only the fourth woman to hold the position in 73 years of existence of the United Nations.

She said that she would love to “pay special tribute to the women who struggle every day to access jobs on equal terms, to women and girls who are the victims of violence, to girls and adolescents who demand access to quality information and education,” reiterating that her commitment will always to be them.

Fernanda Espinosa promised to offer “an open-door presidency” and reiterated her commitment to “act as an impartial, objective and open facilitator.”

She said, “As you know I am a poet and a politician. As such, I am fully aware that no view is useful if we cannot see, nor has any value if we do not listen. I will be ready to listen to you all and to work for you and with you.”

The newly elected president also said “one of my greatest challenges will be to accompany the States in the implementation of the reforms of the United Nations system. We have the challenge of building a stronger and more efficient organization.”

She added “strengthening multinationalism is not an option, it is an obligation. Therefore, it is urgent that the United Nations shows the ability to respond to the main global challenges and that the organizasion is brought closer to the people, connecting its decision directly to the beneficiaries, the citizens, men and women of the world.”

Asked about the priorities during her presidency later at a press encounter, Fernanda Espinosa said amongst them are the Global Compact on migration, the Global Compact on refugees, and the high-level meetings on commodities and micro-economics, and the climate agenda.


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