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Updated On: Monday, 24 September 2018

Combatting Femicide in Mexico

Content by: South-South News

9 March 2018, New York, USA | South-South News — The United Nations has called on the Mexican authorities to take urgent action to eradicate femicide, a crime that claims at least 7.5 lives in Mexico every day. During the period 1985-2016, at least 52,210 deaths of women -presumed murders- were recorded in this country alone.

With the slogan "Stop Femicide: The Time is Now – Not Even One Less" as part of the campaign for the celebration of International Women's Day, Belen Sanz, representative of UN Women in Mexico, said that achieving gender equality is one of the fundamental pillars to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the country.

Speaking at the event on March 6th in Mexico City, UN Women Representative in Mexico Belen Sanz said, “Femicide could be understood as the violent killing of women based on gender reasons and globally the figures are strong, each year between 2010 and 2015 were recorded an average of 64,000 women and girls killed in the world. 14 out of 25 countries with highest rates of femicide are in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Mexico according to a recent research that we presented last December, UN Women, the national Institute of Women and the Interior Ministry, in 2016 an average of 7.5 Mexican women were killed every day. During the period 1985-2016, 52,210 deaths of women – presumed murders -have been recorded in this country [Mexico]. We have to understand why this is happening and we have to stop it. The time is now.”

The event took place in a public park in Mexico City alongside with the launching of an artistic installation of numerous wood-made “Venus symbols,” that were placed to symbolize the violent death of thousands of victims of femicide in Mexico. The installation was made alongside the marketing communications company J. Walter Thompson.

Jan Jarab, representative of UN Human Rights in Mexico, said that “there is no justification or excuse for negligent answers to stop femicide in the country. We are here today to support women and the families that demand for justice, because we are aware that one of the biggest problems of Mexico nowadays, in this regard and many others is impunity, and when I speak about the negligent answers, I’m referring to the negligent answers to extreme violence, to femicide. We know there are high rates of impunity in general but also in gender violence, including femicide and this contributes to femicide and gender violence, and we have to change that, we also have to change that in other subjects evidently. But nowadays it is clear that the procurement of justice remains the Achilles heel.”

María de la Luz Estrada, the Director of the National Citizen Observatory of Femicide, called on Mexican authorities to investigate the death of women with a gender perspective and human rights to avoid impunity. “Today we need to work together in order to generate public policies that can halt and prevent this crime, femicide,” she said, “I do believe that discrimination is a subject that is in the background and it is linked to impunity because the perpetrators of these crime are being brought to justice and prosecuted.”


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