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Updated On: Wednesday, 22 August 2018
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Brazil Venezuela Border

Content by: South-South News

8 August 2018, New York, USA | South-South News — The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) today welcomed a decision by the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court to reverse the closure of the country’s border with its northern neighbor which suspends admission of Venezuelans to the country.

Speaking to reporters in Geneva today (07 Aug) UNHCR’s spokesperson William Spindler noted that hundreds of Venezuelans cross every day into Brazil’s northern Roraima state near the city of Pacaraima in search of safety. His comments coming amid reports of widespread food and medicine shortages, skyrocketing inflation, political unrest and violence.

More than 200 Venezuelans were unable to finalize their immigration registration during the brief closure on Monday, but they were not deported and no pushbacks took place, according to the UN agency.

Today, Brazil is home to more than 32,700 Venezuelan asylum-seekers, another 25,000 are legally permitted to stay in the country, as they have work or residency permits, or similar.

Spindler said “the total number of Venezuelan asylum-seekers this year, this is asylum claims everywhere, is 117,000.”

The way for Brazil-bound refugees was blocked temporarily on Monday (06 Aug) when the border was closed in line with a decision by a federal judge in Roraima. Hours later it was overturned by Brazil’s higher federal court.

Noting “tensions” at the frontier between Roraima residents and the newcomers, the UNHCR spokesperson said that the agency would continue to support efforts to meet the needs of those arriving in Brazil.

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