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Updated On: Saturday, 21 July 2018
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Mexico Migration Swing

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7 December 2017, New York, USA | South-South News — At the end of preparatory meetings on the Global Compact for Migration in the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta, UN Special Representative for International Migration Louise Arbour said the question of whether the compact would infringe on state sovereignty “has been put to bed.”

In an interview today (06 Dec), Arbour said meetings in Puerto Vallarta were a transition between consolations and the hard work of negotiating a text. She said the meetings were marked by an atmosphere of engagement, trust, and “enthusiasm even though everybody understands how hard this is going to be.”

Arbour expect the co-facilitators, Mexico and Switzerland, to have a zero draft of the compact by the end of January following the issuance of a UN report on migration. She noted that although UN chief António Guterres supports the process, the compact will be owned by the UN Member States. Arbour stressed that countries involved in the negotiation understand that this is not a legally binding document, although it called for a lot of commitments which could be morally and politically binding.

The Special Representative said the world today has a much better understand of the positive significance of migration in economic terms. She said there are some 257 million migrants around the globe, overwhelmingly comprised of migrant workers who enjoy a higher rate of employment than the native populations. She said migrants spend about 85 percent of their income in the host country, and the 15 percent that they send home represents 600 billion USD a year, about 450 of that going to developing countries. She noted that this amount “is three times the amount of official development aid that wealthier countries send to developing countries; so, the economic powerhouse that migrants are, I think, has to be nourished and we have to capitalize on that force.”

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