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Updated On: Wednesday, December 13 2017
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Vietnamese Truckers Stage Rare Public Protest Against Toll Road

Content by: Voice of America It has not received a lot of attention outside of Vietnam, but almost every day for weeks, the topic on the front pages of newspapers has been truckers and other drivers who refused to pay a traffic toll in Vietnam and ...

Waiting for Congress, Mnuchin Makes 2nd Emergency Debt Move

Content by: Voice of America WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday he is making a second emergency move to keep the government from going above the debt limit while awaiting congressional action to raise the threshold.

Debate on Glyphosate Use Comes to a Head in Argentina

Content by: Inter Press Service BUENOS AIRES, Dec 8 2017 (IPS) - In and around the city of Rosario, where most of Argentina’s soybean processing plants are concentrated, a local law banned the use of glyphosate, the most widely-used herbicide ...

UAE 'Surprised and Disappointed' Over EU Blacklisting

Content by: Voice of America DUBAI — The United Arab Emirates says it is "surprised and disappointed" about being blacklisted by the European Union along with 16 other countries the EU deems guilty of unfairly offering tax avoidance schemes.


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