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Updated On: Monday, 18 June 2018
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Trump OKs Plan to Impose Tariffs on Billions in Chinese Goods

Content by: Voice of America WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has approved a plan to impose punishing tariffs on tens of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods as early as Friday, a move that could put his trade policies on a collision ...

AT&T to Close Time Warner Deal, But Government May Appeal

Content by: Voice of America WASHINGTON — AT&T Inc may close its $85 billion deal to buy Time Warner Inc under an agreement reached on Thursday with the U.S. government, which might still appeal a case seen as a turning point for the media ...

Supreme Court Answers Question of Foreign Law in US Courts

Content by: Voice of America WASHINGTON — Nyet. Non. Nein. No. That's the answer the Supreme Court gave Thursday to the question of whether federal courts in the United States must accept statements from foreign governments about their own laws as ...

AP Investigation: Local Fish Isn't Always Local

Content by: Voice of America MONTAUK, NEW YORK — Caterers in Washington tweeted a photo of maroon sashimi appetizers served to 700 guests attending the governor's inaugural ball last year. They were told the tuna was from Montauk.


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