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Updated On: Thursday, 21 February 2019
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US Trade Representative to Testify on China Next Week

Content by: Voice of America WASHINGTON — U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will testify next week at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing on U.S.-China trade issues, a spokesman for the House Ways and Means Committee said on ...

Putin Announces Social Handouts in Bid to Stop Opinion Poll Slide

Content by: Voice of America LONDON — A year ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin sailed to victory in what challengers dubbed a “filthy election.” Facing weak candidates — some likely encouraged to run by a Kremlin eager to give the poll a ...

Cheap and Green: Pyongyang Upgrades Its Mass Transit System

Content by: Voice of America PYONGYANG — Pyongyang is upgrading its overcrowded mass transit system with brand new subway cars, trams and buses in a campaign meant to show leader Kim Jong Un is raising the country's standard of living.

Trump: US Trade Talks with China Making 'Big Progress'

Content by: Voice of America President Donald Trump said Sunday "big progress" is being made in U.S. trade talks with China on what he calls "so many different fronts." "Our country has such fantastic potential for future growth and greatness on an ...


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